Enroll Your Child in Our Special Needs Baseball League in Newburgh, IN

Does Your Special Needs Child Dream of Playing Baseball?

All kids love to play and run around outside, including children with physical or mental disabilities. At Newburgh Buddy Ball, our special needs baseball league is open to adults and kids with special needs throughout Newburgh, IN. We love bringing the fun and joy of adaptive baseball to those who may not typically be able to participate in sports due to the physical or mental challenges they face.

We accept everyone into our special needs baseball league, from wheelchair-bound kids to older adults with mental disabilities. Come experience the joy of cheering on your child as they play and have a great time.

It's more
than just a game

Our focus is on helping your kid have a fun time while benefiting from all the good participating in a team sport can do them. Our special needs athletic program can help kids:

  • Boost self-confidence
  • Improve relationship building and teamwork skills
  • Improve motor skills and overall health
  • Improve social skills
We want everyone to be able to get the benefits of sports, that's why our special needs athletic program is completely free to participate in. We do accept donations to help buy supplies and equipment. If you'd like to donate and help support our cause, contact us today.

We make baseball
fun for all

Our goal is to make sure everyone participating in our special needs sports program has a fun and safe time. That's why our volunteers will partner up with each athlete in a buddy system, running, walking or rolling with them between the bases, in the field and at the plate. We don't keep score, but we do have a ton of fun!

If you're interested in being one of our special needs volunteers or just want to know more, call us today at 812-319-3480.